A unfortunate plastic unclog attempt resulted in breaking off the CR-10 3D printers nozzle into two pieces, leading to damage of the Heater Block. While replacing the broken heater block with a newly ordered one, I made the mistake to desolder the cables coming from the sleeve into the GX16-8 aviation connector, without taking any pictures of the pinout, thinking I was going to find them on the Internet anyways.

Turns out, there are indeed no pictures of the GX16-8s Pinout. Another day and much confusion later, the pinout was successfully “reverse engineered” from the printers internal connections:


Here you go: The first (at least it seems) documentation of the Creality CR-10’s GX16-8 pinout on the Internet. Hopefully these pictures are saving you from the headaches and hassles I had, trying to find a proper pinout. You’re welcome.

  1. Thank you so much, this helped me restore my old Tevo printer. It pretty much has the same pin mapping as my Tevo Tarantula Pro, but the difference is, that it uses a 24V fan instead of 12V.

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