A unfortunate Plastic unclog attempt resulted in breaking off the CR-10 3D Printer’s Nozzle into two pieces. One of which remaining in the Nozzle-Thread, causing a damaged Heater Block. While replacing the broken Heater Block with a newly ordered one, I made the mistake to desolder the Cables coming from the sleeve into the GX16-8 Aviation Connector, without taking any pictures of the pinout, thinking I was going to find them on the Internet anyways. Turns out, there are indeed no pictures of the GX16-8s Pinout. Another day and much confusion later, the pinout was successfully “reverse engineered” from the Printers internal connections:


Here you go: The first (at least it seems) documentation of the Creality CR-10’s GX16-8 Pinout on the Internet. Hopefully these pictures are saving you from the headaches and hassles I had, trying to find a proper Pinout. You’re welcome.

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